As Long As We Both Shall Live (2021)

Thriller, Romance

Malcolm is thrust into depression after his wife, Sarah, tragically dies. When he meets Nya one year later, he finally allows himself to give over to new love. And that’s when he starts seeing his dead wife, telling him how abandoned she feels, terrorizing him at every turn. Every time she appears, debilitating headaches cripple him, as well as doubts about his sanity. With the help of his sister-in-law, Dee, and his mentor, Jim, he must reconcile his past with his present in order to forgive himself, mourn properly, hang onto his new love – and not lose his mind in the process.

Fantasy, Romance
Ali Askari
Ali Askari, Adam C. Sherer, Golan Ramraz
Josh Helman, Yael Stone, Jennifer Allcott, Paul Sorvino, Yvonne Cone, Slate Holmgren, and Danny Lane.

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