MaryKate McHugh


Babysplitters (2020)Comedy WatchThe Film Jeff (Danny Pudi) and Sarah (Emily Chang) are struggling to come to an agreement about having a baby. Jeff wants to be a father eventually, but is afraid to lock himself into his current job situation. Meanwhile Sarah, nearing 35, feels her biological clock ticking and is impatient to start trying. Their mutual friends Don (Eddie Alfano) and Taylor (Maiara Walsh) have the opposite problem. Don has a successful business and is ready to be a dad, but Taylor, an aspiring dancer, is worried that the toll on her body and career will be too much. When the two couples hatch a plan to conceive and share one baby between them, it seems like they may have found the perfect compromise — until things spiral out of control. GENRE: Comedy DIRECTOR: Sam Friedlander PRODUCERS: Sam Friedlander Rebecca G. Stone Matthew DiNicola David C. Smith Morgan Patterson CAST: Danny Pudi Emily C. Chang Maiara Walsh Eddie Alfano Brian Thomas Smith Mark Feuerstein You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!


Narrowsburg (2020)Documentary WatchThe Film A zany Music Man for our times, Narrowsburg tells the engrossing story of Jocelyne Castellano, a French film producer, and Richie Castellano, a mafioso turned actor, who show up in a tiny New York river town and announce they are going to turn it into the “Sundance of the East. ” Capitalizing on Richie’s small role in the mafia comedy Analyze This, Jocelyne and Richie take Narrowsburg by storm, opening an acting school, starting a film festival, promising townspeople roles in a gangster movie — and inviting all the locals to invest their hard-earned savings. Main Street echoes with shouts of “Fuck you!” “No, fuck you!” as aspiring actors try out their Hollywood dreams. But as the Castellanos’ local celebrity takes hold, there are ominous signs of the trouble ahead. As this darkly funny, stranger-than-fiction tale unspools, it becomes a meditation on the seductive power of cinema, and the elusive boundary between dreams and delusions. GENRE: Documentary DIRECTOR: Martha Shane PRODUCERS: Beck Kitsis Martha Shane Alexandra Cadena Jose Cadena Dan Nuxoll CAST: Richie Castellano Jocelyne Castellano Zac Stuart-Pontier You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!

Immortality or Bust

Immortality or Bust (2020)Documentary WatchThe Film Do you want to live forever and become a cyborg? In the last Presidential election, one man embarked on an impossible expedition to defeat aging and forever change the human being through science. Running for President as the Transhumanist Party nominee, Zoltan Istvan took his message to bio hacking labs, cryopreservation facilities, transhumanist churches, and ultimately, Washington DC. Winner of the BREAKOUT AWARD at the 2019 Raw Science Film Festival, Immortality or Bust follows Zoltan on his improbable journey to its final, and revealing conclusion. GENRE: Documentary DIRECTOR: Daniel Sollinger DIRECTOR: Daniel Sollinger Christopher Stott Michael Potter David Kekich CAST: Zoltan Istvan John McAfee Gary Johnson William Faloon Alex Jones You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!