Philophobia: Or The Fear Of Falling In Love

Philophobia: Or The Fear Of Falling In Love  (2019)Comedy WatchThe Film Mildly successful podcaster, Damien Booster, is digging his bachelor lifestyle until a frequent hookup confesses her love for him while delivering an ultimatum. If he shows up for brunch to meet her mother, she’ll know he is serious. If not, things are over between them. Now terrified and confused, Damien has to fight the urge to run from the thing that scares him most. GENRE: Comedy DIRECTOR: Tyler Cole PRODUCERS: Aaron Burt Tyler Cole Thomas Hennessy Tina Carbone CAST: Aaron Burt Emily Pearse David Lengel Carly Reeves You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!


Limerence  (2020)Drama WatchThe Film Rosemary, an aspiring painter and free spirit, moves to Venice, California where she hooks up with Tom, a charismatic gallery director.  Their intense chemistry quickly and unexpectedly evolves into a serious relationship. This passionate romance is juxtaposed with Tom’s best friends, May and Donald, dealing with the monotony of their long marriage and the possibility of starting a family.  Complicating everything is Leo, Rosemary’s oft inappropriate yet earnest best friend from high school.   All their feelings about the nature of love will put their relationship choices to the test and the answers aren’t always black and white. GENRE: Drama DIRECTOR: Tammy Minoff PRODUCERS: Tammy Minoff Brad Zions CAST: Tammy Minoff Matthew Del Negro Billy Aaron Brown Jennifer LaFleur Evan Arnold You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!