Stuff (2017)Lesbian Drama IMDB SITEWatchThe Film ‘A lesbian couple seem to be going through the motions of a life together. Sure they are supporting a mother who is grieving the loss of a spouse and getting their children to school on time….but excitement comes to town in the guise of a single tattooed mother who proves to perhaps be more temptation then the couple’s marriage can handle. Will she split them apart or drive them back to each  other? The invigorating tale takes many directions as that’s the “stuff” life is made of. GENRE: Lesbian Drama DIRECTOR:     Suzanne Guacci PRODUCERS:       Theresa Aquilina Suzanne Guacci Debra Markowitz Kevin Hanlon Sherry Mandery CAST:   Yvonne Jung Karen Sillas Traci Dinwiddie Phyllis Somerville Kevin Brown Maya Guacci     You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!


Needlestick (2017)Horror IMDB SITEWatchThe Film Nervous intern Everett Barnard returns to South Union Cardiac Hospital to get a residency with his mentor, Dr. Crick. Unknown to him, Crick found a cure for aging using techniques that Everett helped him develop. To mass produce it, he needs to extract enzyme from just one human subject. One problem: the process kills the subject (not exactly covered by insurance). Hospital CEO Ray LeGro, in league with Crick, discovers Crick’s actual plan to double-cross him, so LeGro fires him and prepares to expose him to the authorities. Out of desperation, Crick locks the hospital down and sets a mute madman loose inside to capture one victim for his twisted scheme. However, it’s Everett who is trapped inside, along with his hardened ex-girlfriend nurse, jealous chief resident friend, and a young, mortally wounded dancer who has only hours to live. Everett must race against time to escape the hospital, save his friends, and stop his mentor’s murderous experiments. GENRE: Horror DIRECTOR: Steven Karageanes PRODUCER: Dejuan Fox, Edward Stencel, Steven Karageanes   WRITER: Steven Karageanes CAST:   Lance Henriksen Michael Traynor Katie Savoy Jack Noseworthy Alara Ceri Jordan Trovillion George Pogacich Harry Lennix       You may also like... Subscribe and Stay in the Loop!