The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man (2018)


The documentary follows one man’s journey to find meaning in Bill Murray’s many unexpected adventures with everyday people. Featuring rare and never-before seen footage of the comedic icon participating in stories previously presumed to be urban legend. Whether it be singing karaoke late at night with strangers or crashing a kickball game in the middle of the afternoon, Bill Murray lives in the moment and by doing so, creates magic with real people.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Tommy Avallone
PRODUCERS: Glen Zipper

Max Paolucci

Derrick Kunzer

Raymond Esposito

Kevin Sisti Jr.

Tommy Avallone

Jon Dean

Alicia Avallone

Writer Tommy Avallone,

Max Paolucci

CAST: Joel Murray

Peter Farrelly

Gavin Edwards

David Allan

Jordan Goetz

Josh Horowitz

Brian Gallagher

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