Krow's TRANSformation (2019)


Never comfortable with “her” body or given name, Kayanna knew since childhood he was meant to be a boy. Struggling deeply with his identity throughout his youth, he adopted a new name – Krow

At 12-years-old, Krow began a career as a globe-trotting “female” fashion model. While living a glamourous lifestyle, he never felt fully comfortable, despite the attention and praise lavished on him

At 18, Krow embarked on the journey towards physically becoming a man. The first step was cutting off his ponytail and then pausing his career as a fashion model in order to begin the process of transitioning

In a series of honest and often heart-breaking interviews, we witness the continual challenges faced by Krow, including hormone therapies and numerous invasive surgical procedures, such as breast removal and a hysterectomy

As Krow grows in confidence in his new body, he returns to his career in the fashion industry, taking his first job as a male model on the runway at Paris Fashion Week

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Gina Hole Lazarowich
PRODUCER Gina Hole Lazarowich,Tony Lazarowich,Denise Parkinson,Brad Danks,Philip Webb
CAST: Krow Kian,Kas Baker,Emily Seal,Ashton Sciacallo,Lisa Jacobsen,Nancy Van Neste-Baker,Michael Baker, Lisa Seal,Dan Seal,Jane Thornthwaite,Spencer Chandra Herbert,Ken Boesem,Dr, Chris Taylor,Dr. Jon Shandro,Barbara Densmore,Dexter Quinto,Sonia Leal-Serafim,Lacey-June Berry,Liz Bell

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