The Assent  (2020)


After spending three years in prison for the death of an 8-year-old during a failed exorcism, Father Lambert seeks redemption on a young widower, Joel Clarke, who believes his son has been marked by the Devil himself. Conjuring “deliverance” (unsanctioned exorcisms), Lambert convinces Joel that without his help, he will lose his son forever. It’s a race against time for the soul of a little boy that culminates with a shocking revelation that will leave you questioning how deep is the darkness is inside us all. Starring Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim, Warcraft, “True Blood”) and Peter Jason (Escape from LA, Mortal Kombat, Jurassic World).

GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Pearry Teo
PRODUCERS: Ehud Bleiberg

Danny Dimbort

CAST: Robert Kazinsky

Peter Jason

Florence Faivre

Caden Dragomer

Hannah Ward

Douglas Spain

Tatum O’Neal

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