Winter Ridge (2018)


A promising young detective, Ryan Barnes, arrives home on his anniversary to find his wife has been in a devastating car accident. Seven months later she is still in a coma and Barnes, unable to accept her condition, throws himself into a new investigation that soon develops into a murder investigation and manhunt for a serial killer. As the investigation comes to a head, Barnes is forced to accept that there are parallels between his own wife and the victims, and begins to question his own moral beliefs. As he desperately searches for the killer, Barnes’ doubts increase. Do the motives of the crimes fit the killer he is chasing?


GENRE: Thriller

Dom Lenoir

PRODUCERS: Inil AbrahamNancy Bressolles

Glenn Freemantle

Andrew Hall

Chris Hardman

Michael Harris

Matt Hookings

Dom Lenoir

Lewis McCart

Patrick McCart

Ross McCart

Michael McKell


Ross Owen Williams

CAST: Matt Hookings

Olwen Catherine Kelly

Hannah Waddingham

Michael McKell

Justin McDonald

Alan Ford

Ian Pirie

Noeleen Comiskey

Claudia Archer

Ella Road

Jd Roth-round

Liana Harris

Martin Ross

Lesley Anne Webb

Joss Wyre

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