11:55 (2016)


After being involved in the fatal shooting of a local drug dealer, U.S. Marine Nelson Sanchez (Victor Almanzar) returns to the neighborhood he fled years ago. Amid the fanfare and celebration on his homecoming from Afghanistan, the brother of the deceased learns of Nelson’s return and vows revenge. When word reaches Nelson that his would-be killer is due on the 11:55 bus, he decides to protect himself and his family and make a stand. Nelson seeks out assistance from a fellow Marine vet,  (John Leguizamo) and asks his drug-dealing godfather (David Zayas) to broker peace. As the clock ticks down, Nelson charts an unlikely path to break the cycle of the violence that has defined his life.  11:55 also stars Elizabeth Rodriguez, Julia Stiles, & Shirley Rumierk.

GENRE: Thriller
DIRECTOR: Ari Issler

Ben Snyder


Danny Mendoza

Joshua Blum

Gia Walsh

Kara Baker

Matthew Thurm



Ari Issler

Ben Snyder

Victor Almanzar

CAST: Victor Almanzar as “Nelson”

Elizabeth Rodriguez as “Angie”

Shirley Rumierk as “Livvy”

David Zayas as “Maurice”

Mike Carlsen as “Nicky”

John Leguizamo as “Berto”

Julia Stiles as “Janine”

Goya Robles as “Teyo”

Robin De Jesús as “Rubio”




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