13 Cameras (2016)


Newlyweds, Ryan and Claire move into a new home across the country, having no idea their grim and lascivious landlord, Gerald, has installed secret cameras in their rental home. As Ryan and Claire’s relationship strains from the stress of their pregnancy, Gerald becomes increasingly consumed with their lives, and begins to physically invade their privacy. Ryan and Claire soon find out that their marital issues are nothing in comparison to the monster that watches their every move.

GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Victor Zarcoff
PRODUCERS: Kevin McManus

Matthew McManus

Tony Yacenda

Ethan Rosenberg

Jim Cummings

Ben Wiessner

Executive Producers:
Jordan Rudman

Andrew van den Houten

Co-Executive Producers:
Harvey Rudman

Robert Chiste

Matt Chiste

WRITERS: Victor Zarcoff
CAST: PJ McCabe (“Ryan”)

Brianne Moncrief (“Claire”)

Sarah Baldwin (“Hannah”)

Jim Cummings (“Paul”)

Heidi Niedermeyer (“Audry”)

and Neville Archambault (“Gerald”)


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