15 Cameras (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

When Cam and Sky bought their duplex, it seemed like the perfect investment opportunity for the young couple; a starter home, a mortgage offset by renters, and even a guest room for Sky’s sister, Carolyn. But as Sky and Cam slowly uncover hidden cameras and secrets of the duplex’s previous owner, obsession consumes their marriage and they both fall into destructive forms of voyeurism. When new tenants move in downstairs, their fixation with observing others has deadly consequences and they are forced to confront the very things they have been consumed by.

Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller

Director: Danny Madden

Producer: Eli Raskin, Nance Messineo, Casey Bader, Victor Zarcoff, Kevin McManus, Matthew McManus, Andrew Van Den Houten, Jordan Rudman

Writer: PJ McCabe

Cast: Will Madden, Angela Wong Carbone, Hilty Bowen, James Babson, Shirley Chen, Hannah Mckechnie, Skyler Bible, Courtney Dietz, Erik Leupp, Donna Allen, Brianne Moncrief, Jim Cummings, Stephen Ruffin