44 Pages (2018)


A documentary about Highlights magazine that follows the creation of the cultural phenomenon’s 70th anniversary issue, from the first editorial meeting to its arrival in homes, introducing the people who passionately produce the monthly publication for “the world’s most important people,”…children. Along the way, a rich and tragic history is revealed, the state of childhood, technology, and education is explored, and the future of print media is questioned. Family-owned since its inception in 1946 and not containing advertisement, Highlights stands alone in the magazine publishing world. From the baby boom generation to the tech savvy kids of today, Highlights has been a staple in American society, with more than a billion copies delivered to children worldwide.

GENRE: Documentary

Tony Shaff


Tony Shaff

Rebecca Green

Laura D. Smith


Tony Shaff


Judy Burke as self

Christine French Cully as self

Patrick Greenish Jr. as self

Kent S. Johnson as self

Allison Kane as self

Pat Mikelson as self

Annie Beer Rodriquez as self

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