7 Guardians of the Tomb (2018)

7 Guardians of the Tomb (2018)

7 Guardians of the Tomb revolves around a team of scientists made up of Jia (Li Bingbing, Transformers: Age of Extinction), Ridley (Kellan Lutz, Twilight Series), and Mason (Kelsey Grammer, “Frasier”). While they are making the discovery of the century, they are also in search for a lost colleague in an ancient labyrinth. Before it’s too late, the group must battle their way through a swarm of deadly, man-eating funnel web spiders and find out what is behind the arachnids’ power and intelligence used to protect a secret powerful elixir.

Genre: Action, Adventure

Director: Kimble Rendall

Producer: Gary Hamilton, Ying Ye

Writer: Kimble Rendall, Paul Staheli

Cast: Li Bingbing, Kellan Lutz, Kelsey Grammer, Shane Jacobson, Ryan Johnson, Jason Chong, Stef Dawson, Wu Chun, Eva Liu