A Deadly Legend (2020)

A Deadly Legend (2020)

A construction crew fights to survive after unearthing the mythical “Stonehenge of America”, awakening deadly spirits. Joan Huntar (Kristen Anne Ferraro), a real estate developer, buys an old summer camp to build new homes. However, the property has a dark history that ties to a legend of supernatural worship and human sacrifice. A celebration weekend turns deadly when construction disturbs forbidden ground. Uncovering the mythical megalith, spirits who have battled each other for centuries are awakened, killing or possessing others to gain control of this supernatural gateway. Unable to escape, Joan, with her family and friends, must fight for survival and destroy the megalith, closing the gateway to the Dark Dimension and defeating the spirits from beyond. Also starring Corbin Bernsen, Lori Petty, and Judd Hirsch.

Genre: Horror

Director: Pamela Moriarty



Cast: Kristen Anne Ferraro, Corbin Bersen, Dwayne Thomas, Eric Wolf, Lori Petty, Judd Hirsch