A Hard Problem (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Sparked by the death of his elderly mother, Ian (Johnny Berchtold) uncovers that there is more to his role as dutiful caretaker. While packing up her home, Ian finds the urn of a long-dead son. This revelation, along with another, pushes Ian to hide the ashes from his older sister, Lisa (Jennifer Hasty). Along with her partner Meg (Victoria Platt), Lisa enlists help from Qualia in the form of a support administrator named Olivia (Catherine Haena Kim). Caught up in Ian’s fears and desires, Olivia has doubts about the half-truths and lies she normally relies on. Over the course of a few days, she begins to question her own motivations and the ethics of her work. Olivia’s once simple job of convincing Ian to return the ashes and leave becomes entangled in emotion; both her own and ones she projects onto Ian.

Genre: Drama, Independent

Director: hazart

Producer: Ryland Aldrich, Adam Maffei, hazart

Writer: hazart

Cast: Johnny Berchtold, Catherine Haena Kim, Jennifer Hasty, Victoria Platt