Abandoned Mine (2013)

Abandoned Mine (2013)

Brad and his four small-town school friends decide to celebrate Halloween with an overnight adventure into the legendary “haunted” Jarvis Mine. The past and present collide as these five young adrenaline junkies defy the angry spirits of a family murdered exactly one hundred years ago. Once deep into the mine, Brad’s best-laid plans go awry, leaving the adventurers trapped without escape. But are their misfortunes purely accidental? Are there supernatural forces at work? Or does a monster lurk in the darkness?

Genre: Horror

Director: Jeff Chamberlain

Producer: Mark Victor, Scott Woldman, Steve Zacharias, Jeff Chamberlain

Writer: Jeff Chamberlain

Cast: Alexa Vega, Saige Thompson, Reiley McClendon, Adam Hendershott, Charan Prabhakar