Acacia Motel (2020)

Acacia Motel (2020)

JC is forced to take over the family business set by his estranged tyrant father, a lonesome motel in the remote wilderness, providing shelter to illegal immigrants on behalf of the government. But as JC and the guests soon discover, Motel Acacia is home to a dark and ancient spirit. With food running out and a violent blizzard preventing the guests to leave, a desperate fight for survival begins. In an attempt rid himself from his father’s shadow, JC risks losing his own humanity.

Genre: Horror

Director: Bradley Lieuw

Producer: Bradley Lieuw, Bianca Balbuena


Cast: JC Santos, Jan Bijvoet, Agot Isidro, Nicholas Saputra, Bront Palarae, Vithaya Pansringarm, Talia Zucker, Will Jaymes, Perry Dizon