Adult Interference (2019)


Bo (Ted Welch), a football star turned failed actor, attempts to recapture former glory at his high school reunion. His efforts result in three months of house arrest, costing him his one remaining gig and his Millennial girlfriend (Kate Upton). Estranged from his father and on thin ice with his sister (Stefanie Black), Bo is forced to take up residence in a backyard playhouse. With nothing left but booze and boredom, he agrees to coach Elliott (George Baron), the awkward kid from across the street. Bo mentors the boy through 80’s movie references and tough love. Their unlikely friendship teaches them both a little bit about growing up and what it means to be the hero of your own story.

GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: Jacquie Phillips

Stefanie Black

PRODUCERS: Sarena Khan

Jacquie Phillips

Brian Adler

Sabyn Mayfield

CAST: Ted Welch

George Baron

Christine Woods

Mike Vogel

Kate Upton

Joe Mullen

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