Alien Invasion S.U.M.1. (2017)


A young soldier (Iwan Rheon, “Game of Thrones”) who has lived his whole life underground, reports to his new isolated duty post in a remote forest. His mission is to guard an automatic defense circle that keeps the alien race “Nonesuch” at bay. The routine military operation slowly becomes a nightmare. Eerie sounds echo from the trees at night, the news report of frequent, devastating attacks, the electricity in the tower becomes unstable and the promised mechanic never shows. Isolation and paranoia begin to eat away at the young soldier’s mind. Are the Nonesuch truly hiding in the dark forest waiting to strike at any moment or is this soldier being pushed into madness?

GENRE: Thriller

Christian Pasquariello


Christian Alvart

Siegfried Kamml

Tim Oberwelland


Christian Pasquariello


Iwan Rheon

André M. Hennicke

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