All In: Miracle at St. Bernard’s (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

All In: Miracle at St. Bernard’s is about faith, family, and football. This documentary chronicles a tiny, 100-year-old Catholic school in Fitchburg, Massachusetts struggling with insolvency yet defying the odds at a time when the Church was shuttering similar institutions nationwide. It’s the underdog story of a working-class community and the state’s smallest football program rallying in pursuit of an impossible goal.

Genre: Documentary, Drama, Sports

Director: Gregg Backer, Evan Kanew

Producer: Gregg Backer

Writer: Evan Kanew

Cast: Tom Bingham, Linda Anderson, Dominic Cuevas, Wyatt Bingham, Nico Mancini, Matt Smith, Nathan Bilotta, Stephen DiNatale, Karen Pelletier, Jonny Pinard, Tyler Thibodeau