All-Stars (2015)

Comedy, Independent, Sports

A veteran softball coach is saddled with a team of inexperienced 10-year-olds and their overly ambitious, entirely delusional parents whose ridiculous behavior is more suited to five-year-olds than adults in the hilarious comedy, ALL-STARS.

GENRE: Comedy, Independent, Sports
DIRECTOR: Lance Kinsey
PRODUCERS: Lance Kinsey

James Portolese


Lance Kinsey

CAST: John Goodman

Richard Kind

Fred Willard

Illeana Douglas

Kyle Howard

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Mike Hagerty

Jenica Bergere

Nicole Sullivan

Joshua Funk

Seth Morris

Molly Erdman

Miriam Flynn

Sam Richardson

Lance Kinsey

Jill Talley

Christian Kane

Rose Abdoo

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