Altered Minds (2015)


Altered Minds’ is a psychological thriller about a tormented son who makes a desperate bid to save his sanity by unearthing family secrets before his father dies. Plagued by terrifying visions, Tommy Shellner hijacks a family celebration in an attempt to force a confession from his once CIA psychiatrist father. The warm reunion in their family home turns icy and spirals out of control when Tommy alleges his father adopted three children for the purposes of psychological experimentation.

GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Michael Z. Wechsler

Michael Z. Wechsler

Shawn R. Singh


Michael Z. Wechsler

CAST: Judd Hirsch (“Dr. Nathaniel Shellner”)
Ryan O’Nan (“Tommy Shellner”)
C.S. Lee (“Harry Shellner”)
Jamie Ray Newman (“Julie Shellner”)
Joseph Lyle Taylor (“Leonard Shellner”)
Caroline Lagerfelt (“Lillian Shellner”)
Hayden Signoretti (“Young Tommy”)


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