American: The Bill Hicks Story (2011)


Legendary Texan outlaw comic Bill Hicks was and still is an inspiration to millions. A true product of the American dream, his rebellious and exhilarating comedy left no stone unturned and his profound observations on American life were a life changing experience for many who saw him. The story of a son, a brother and a friend, this funny and critically acclaimed film is told ‘in the round’ by the family and peers who knew Hicks best. With captivating photographs animating the scenes of his roller coaster life – from precocious teenager, through the dark years of addiction to his spectacular recovery, Hicks found international fame before his life was tragically cut short by cancer at the age of just 32. With rare unseen footage, this intimate and emotional portrait is both a revelation for fans and the perfect introduction for newcomers, to an iconic comedy hero whose timeless material seems to resonate stronger by the year.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTORS: Matt Harlock

Paul Thomas

PRODUCERS: Matt Harlock

Paul Thomas

CAST: Bill Hicks

Kevin Booth

John Farneti

Lynn Hicks

Mary Hicks



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