Anguish (2015)


16-year old Tess (Ryan Simpkins) has been diagnosed with an assortment of mental ailments first discovered when her mother, Jessica (Annika Marks) found Tess banging her head against the wall when she was just five. Now, the latest medication Tess has been taking seems to be working and Jessica chooses to move them to a new town for a fresh start. But just as Tess begins to find comfort and hope in her new surroundings, hallucinations begin involving a dead girl, Lucy (Amberley Gridley). The hallucinations intensify as Lucy seems to be taking over Tess’s mind and soul. She tenuously holds onto her sanity in silence having lost faith in the doctors, the pills, and even her own mother. It becomes too much for Tess to bear and and after hurting herself, she’s back in a hospital again. Devastated and directionless, Jessica must decide what she should entrust her daughter to; religion or medicine. The question is whether Jessica is willing to believe.

GENRE: Horror
DIRECTOR: Sonny Mallhi

Sonny Mallhi

Guy Danella


Sonny Mallhi

CAST: Ryan Simpkins (“Tess”)

Annika Marks (“Jessica”)

Karina Logue (“Sarah”)

Amberley Gridley (“Lucy”)

Cliff Chamberlain (“Robert”)

Ryan O’Nan (“Father Meyers”)

Paulina Olsynski (“Morgan”)


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