Ratpocalypse (2017)


American Senator John Perryman (Casper Van Dien, Starship Troopers), a man of pure and humble soul with a warrior’s disposition, delivers a fiery speech in Moscow about the country’s main evil – corruption. A corruption so pervasive it will turn men into “rats.” He declares that he was ordered to speak to them from above and threatens everyone with the loss of their human form, which draws only guffaws and resentment from the people. Many take the Senator for a madman as gradually, all his friends and relatives turn away from him. Eventually the Senator meets a mysterious girl in the streets who seems to be his guardian angel but soon, everything he talked about in Moscow begins to come true, triggering panic in Russia and around the world. Full of unexpected moments and plot twists both curious and amusing, Ratpocalypse brings the intimidating and often horrific world of politics to new levels of reality.

GENRE: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Vladimir Uglichin


Gray Frederickson

Vladimir Uglichin

Peter Zhmutski


Vladimir Uglichin


Casper Van Dien

Victoria Summer

Linda Bella

Catherine Oxenberg

Robert Craighead

Ilya Slovesnik

Natalia Lapina

Alexander Khachatryan

Lidiya Korotko

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