Apartment 212 (2018)


Fleeing an abusive relationship, Jennifer Conrad (Penelope Mitchell) is a small-town girl starting over in the big city. But when she gets up in the morning to find tiny wounds on her body that weren’t there when she went to bed, her once-hopeful waking hours begin to take a horrific turn. She soon finds herself trapped in a spiral of sleep deprivation, paranoia, and a paralyzing fear of the unseen, derailing her new life and even forcing her to reconsider the option of going back to her abusive, but stable relationship. Her only chance is to uncover the mystery of the strange bites – a mystery that seems to spring from the vacant apartment next door and the tortured woman who once lived there. But is she ready to confront the terror within and wage a final battle for survival before the last, bloody bite is taken?

GENRE: Horror

Haylar Garcia


Betsy Leighton

Stephan Shelanski

Richard Turner

Jim Brennan

Haylar Garcia

Michael Haskins


Kathryn Gould

Jim Brennan

Haylar Garcia


Penelope Mitchell as Jennifer Conrad

Sally Kirkland as Claudette Grim

Chris Johnson as Boyd McFarland

Kyle Gass as Terry Lumley

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