Apartment 407 (2018)


Things are going well for Isobel, a single mother of one and Pilates instructor, until a chance encounter with a photographer, Peter, opens up the possibility of a new career. Peter offers Isobel an opportunity to try out for a modeling contract. Arriving at the studio prepared to do the photoshoot Peter brings Isobel into his work space – but in a shocking twist of fate – abruptly closes the door and locks it. Isobel panics but Peter threatens her with a knife. Forces her her to drink some milk and then to do a photoshoot in some skimpy underwear. Isobel refuses and Peter turns violent. Isobel passes out. She wakes up in a different apartment She screams but nobody hears. Isobel threatens Peter with the police but he doesn’t care. He explains that she is trapped here. Her only way out is to work as a sex slave. Isobel is attacked again and again. This a story based on true events about a woman’s fight for her life and her lucky escape to freedom at last.
GENRE: Thriller
DIRECTOR: Rudolf Buitendach
PRODUCERS:  Glynn Turner

Frida Farrell


Frida Farrell

CAST Frida Farrell

Gabriel Olds

Matthew Marsden

Lew Temple

Alyson Stoner

Amber Benson

Samantha Esteban

Stelio Savante

Frank Arend

Farrah Mackenzie

Brandon Burrows

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