Austin Found (2017)


Leanne Miller (Linda Cardellini, “Freaks and Geeks”) is a 36-year-old wife and mother whose hunger for fame and fortune leads her down a dangerous path. A former beauty queen and prom queen, Leanne is fed up with her unglamorously average lifestyle when she decides to take matters into her own hands by plotting a scheme to make her family instant celebrities. Teaming up with her ex-boyfriend, Billy (Skeet Ulrich, “Riverdale”), and his ex-con buddy, Jebidiah (Craig Robinson, “The Office”), Leanne conspires to have her 11-year-old daughter, Patty (Urusula Parker, “Louie”), kidnapped for just for a month or two. All Leanne has to do is keep the local press (Kristen Schaal, “Bob’s Burgers”) and Sherriff (Patrick Warburton, “A Series of Unfortunate Events”) focused on the case at hand and off hers. What could go wrong?

GENRE: Comedy

Robert Ruggeri

Dan Costanzo

Gary Ousdahl

Mary Pat Bentel

WRITER: Brenna Graziano
CAST: Linda Cardellini

Kirsten Schaal

Craig Robinson

Skeet Ulrich

Ursula Parker

Patrick Warburton

Jon Daly

Chris Parnell

Matt Jones



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