Avenge the Crows: The Legend of Loca (2017)


The pendulum of revenge is set in motion when an assassin named Joker is released from prison with orders from the Reyes Ricos prison gang to take down Loca, an ex-gang member who once ran the powerful Los Grajos crew before it was destroyed. Now Loca makes her living pushing drugs, and maintains a watchful eye on her young cousin, Cammy, the only family she has left. Although she is cunning and street smart, Loca doesn’t see Joker coming, and he attacks Cammy to lure her out of hiding. While launching her counterstrike, Loca gets tangled up with a rival crew, and then dragged to the brink of war with a Mexican drug cartel. As the pressure mounts she must make the hard choice between avenging the ones she’s lost and survival.

GENRE: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Nathan Gabaeff


Steven Gabaeff

Nathan Gabaeff

Stephen Stanley

Danay Garcia

Michael Flores

Trent Garrett

Robert Baek

Cindy Barger

Tereza Kacerova


Nathan Gabaeff

CAST: Danny Trejo

Danay Garcia

Michael Flores

Cesar Garcia

Angelique Rivera

Lou Diamond Phillips

Steven Bauer

Emilio Rivera

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