BENCHED (2018)


Local baseball coaching legend Don (John C. McGinley) gets inexperienced Michael (Garret Dillahunt) as his new assistant coach. Over the season, Don knocks heads with Michael and a bunch of mismatched kids come together as a team.
GENRE: Comedy

Robert Deaton

George J. Flanigen IV


Robert Deaton

George J. Flanigen IV

Fred Roos

Lindsey Clark

Brandon Gregory


Richard Dresser

CAST: John C. McGinley

Garrett Dillahunt

Carter Wallace

Brennon Olsen

Brayden Chunn

Drake Light

Caleb Coffey

Jalen Owen

Casey Lynch

Jude Warren

Nathaniell Roof

Jackson Ryan

Darius Willis

 Daniel O’Callaghan

Roy Oraschin

Terri Minton

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