Beneath the Green (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Six lost astronauts seek a way out of a planet that should be dead. Waking up on the forested planet of Anthemusa, Caleb (Anthony Nikolchev), the newcomer of the group, can’t remember how or why he landed on a planet that, up until his arrival, was covered in dry sand. He meets a group of colonists led by Hunter (Veronica Wylie) who encountered the same problem but have yet to find a way out. Making matters worse is the disappearance of their mission commander, Victor (Eric Roberts), who appears to the team in the form of a floating head speaking in cryptic riddles and phrases.

Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi

Director: Jason Georgiades

Producer: Jason Georgiades

Writer: Jason Georgiades, Chet Vincent

Cast: Eric Roberts, Anthony Nikolchev, Veronica Wylie, Garland Scott, Jay Eftimoski, Anna Talakkottur, Gema Galiana, Rosita Grigaite