Beyond Sixty Project (2020)


The myth that older women are invisible is shattered in this inspirational and revealing look at remarkable women thriving, leading lives rich in experiences and accomplishments that defy perceptions and reveal what is possible beyond sixty. A woman’s age is not her story. From the voice of Apple’s Siri to one of the oldest women to swim the English Channel, ten women in their sixties to eighties are celebrated, their lives, achievements and stories serving as an example to all of what is possible in a life well lived.


GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Melissa Davey
PRODUCER Melissa Davey, Mark Maxey, James Madison, Mike Gualtieri
CAST: Karen Atta, Susan Bennett, Peggy Ann Bradnick Jackson, A’Lelia Bundles, Sara Lavner, Greta Paulsen, Gloria Tolla, Celeste Walker, Patricia Weber, Paula Yankauskas

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