Big Brother Volcano (2018)


Alan was supposed to be traveling to Nicaragua with his wife, but is joined by his clueless brother-in-law after she flakes. There they meet Barbara, an outspoken ex-pat. Alan and Mike come to see her as the solution to all of their problems back home, creating an eruption of emotion, comedy, and horrible intercourse.

GENRE: Comedy

Paul Briganti


Jon Cohen

Rosie Kaller


Paul Briganti

Dan Schoenbrun

CAST  Aya Cash

George Basil

Brandon Scott

Echo Kullum

Anu Valia

Alex Hughes

Amelia Jean Alvarez

Esaul Ramon Calderon

Olaf Jonsek

Juan Javier Lopez

Virginia Raquel Sevilla Garcia

Daniel Hurwitz

Megan Neuringer

Cyd Strittmatter

Carlos Delgado

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