Blue (2019)

Blue (2019)

After her only family member passes away, suicide seems like the next natural step for Helen Daniels. But like most things in her life, the attempt doesn’t go as planned. Helen wakes up in the hospital to find she is not only alive, but she now owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Her road to recovery is made even more difficult by family secrets that float to the surface after her attempt. Delving into the drudgery and struggle of mental illness, Helen explores numerous different coping mechanisms including meditation, (prescribed and self) medication, group discussion, and primal therapy. Helen soon finds a new cast of characters to populate her life, including Tori Hausermann, an altruistic ER nurse, Diane Carol, a cynically weathered psychiatric doctor, and Robert Perkins, a quirky executive who may be the one person Helen needs the most, though the cost of his friendship may be too high.

Genre: Drama

Director: Gabriela Ledesma

Producer: Callie Schuttera, MJ Caballero, Gabriela Ledesma


Cast: Callie Schuttera, Shaw Jones, Judith Scott, Laura Harrison, Chelsea Lopez, Aubrey Manning, Jonny Loquasto, Jennifer Daley