Bodyguards (2016)


Bodyguards & Protection Agents are the individuals on the front lines for the rich, famous, and powerful. These individuals deal with violence, stalkers, isolation, and potential loss of life every single day. Our film explores the lives of bodyguards; a world most people know nothing about. Showcasing Nelson Mandela’s Bodyguards, Justin Bieber and his Director of Security, Whitey Bulger’s Protector, 50 Cent & Lil Wayne’s Bodyguard, and Ambassador’s under Blackwater.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Jaren Hayman
PRODUCERS: Jaren Hayman

Burton Rice

Jeremy Bieber

CAST: Nelson Mandela

Rory Steyn

Jason Tshabalala

Justin Bieber

Mikey Arana

Anton Kalaydjian

Kevin Weeks

Whitey Bulger

Shamir Bolivar

Tairon Coronel



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