Bomb City (2017)


Winter 1997. Amarillo, Texas. Brian Deneke is known for his green mohawk and undying passion for punk music. He throws punk shows with his friends at a rundown venue known as “Bomb City.” And Brian, along with many of his fellow “punks,” refuses to conform to the conservative culture that surrounds them. Their radical appearances stir social intolerance within the community, particularly with Cody Cates, a high school jock who assimilates to a pack known as “white-hatters.” After losing a football game, Cody and a few other white-hatters have an altercation with several of the punks. This conflict ignites a series of hostile encounters between the two groups, climaxing one evening with a horrific, violent street fight. The night would soon become notorious for being one of the most controversial hate crimes in modern American culture. Based on a true story.

GENRE: Action, Crime, Drama

Jameson Brooks


Major Dodge

Sheldon R Chick


Jameson Brooks


Dave Davis as Brian

Glenn Morshower as Cameron Wilson

Logan Huffman as Ricky

Lorelei Linklater as Rome

Eddie Hassell as Oles

Henry Knotts as King

Maemae Renfrow as Jade

Dominic Ryan Gabriel as Jason

Luke Shelton as Cody Cates

Marilyn Manson as Himself

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