Boned (2016)


SAMANTHA MARLOWE, actress/dog-walker, is struggling to make rent. Opportunity knocks in the form of a handsome doctor, EDWARD PIERCE, who needs care for his aunt’s Maltese, Humphrey. But Edward isn’t who he claims to be – as Sam finds out when she gets trailed by cronies of THE MISTRESS, a sexy and scary dominatrix looking for Humphrey. Sam’s business partner gets shot, her home gets broken into, and she falls in love with a sweet little Maltese whose life is in danger. Sam has to solve the mystery of who wants to hurt this little Maltese and why, all the while making it to her commercial callback, giving the GOTH KIDS and a scary GOTH MAN the slip, and making her starring performance in the under-attended but critically acclaimed play – The Dark and Bloody Love Bath. While Sam and Humphrey are both pawns in a game of petty revenge, Sam ultimately returns Humphrey safe to his owner, realizing that real love is a dog’s love.

GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: Laura Lee Bahr
PRODUCERS: Angela Landis
Joseph Siraki
Kirk Roos
Bai Ling (Executive)
Robyn Cohen (co-producer)
Royce Allen Dudley (co-producer)
Lizbeth Chappell (co-producer)
We Make Movies (co-producer)
WRITERS: Laura Lee Bahr
CAST: Angela Landis

Josh Randall

Robyn Cohen

Bai Ling

Craig Gellis

Chris Mollica

Deanna Lund

Jomarie Ward

Casey Kramer

Ian Watson

Christopher Park

Stefan Singh

Jen Ray

Bruno Oliver

Perry D’Marco

Chris Hayes

William Thomas Jones

Deitra Leak

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