Butterfly Kisses (2018)


Found footage and urban legend come together in chilling fashion in this unsettling film, shot on location in Ellicott City, Maryland. Gavin York, a wedding videographer sorting through used tapes, uncovers hours of footage shot by two student filmmakers obsessed with an apocryphal figure known as “Peeping Tom.” Followed by a documentary film crew, Gavin pursues the truth of the students’ fate, while also seeking fame and fortune by editing their “found footage” into a film of his own. What he discovers instead is doubt and ridicule from all who view it, and allegations of a hoax designed to launch Gavin’s filmmaking career. As his obsession grows, Gavin leads the documentary film crew down the same dangerous path taken by the student filmmakers eleven years prior, all while a terrifying urban legend lies in wait.
GENRE: Thriller
DIRECTOR: Erik Kristopher Myers

Sonya Kalian

Lisa Mikitarian

Sam Mikitarian

Alexander N. Shell


Stacie Jones Gentzler

Carlo Glorioso

Kenny Johnson

Erik Kristopher Myers

Robin Nicolai

Cory Okouchi

Writer Erik Kristopher Myers
CAST: Seth Adam Kallick

Rachel Armiger

Reed Delisle

Matt Lake

Eduardo Sanchez

David Sterritt

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