C Street (2016)


C STREET is a comedy farce about a power hungry intern who pimps out his apartment to sex-starved politicians. Guy was on the fast track to power. All that changed one day when Guy found the object of his affections waiting naked in his bed — for someone else. Unbeknownst to Guy, his slick Senator boss was using Guy’s apartment to have an affair with Haley. Before Guy has a chance to express his true feelings, half of Washington shows up at Guy’s apartment unannounced and looking for love. Guy will have to corral the libidinous lawmakers, and decide what truly matters if he’s going to find redemption and win the girl of his dreams.

GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: Peter James Iengo
PRODUCERS: Peter James Iengo

Brett Lewis

Ann Luster

CAST: Dylan Walsh

Evan Hall

Shaun Licata

Bruce Altman

Joseph Midyett

Grainger Hines

Don Stark

Carey Lowell

Michael Gross


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