California High (2016)


When California introduced medical marijuana laws in 1996 it sparked a chain reaction that led to many other states passing similar laws. A small number even legalized marijuana for recreational use. With a full legalization vote due in 2016, California is now considered by many as the key battleground state in the marijuana debate. A debate that has divided America for over fifty years. From the concrete jungles of LA to the remote isolation of Northern California, “California High” takes you on a journey through the eyes of growers, cops, politicians and ordinary Californians to get up close and personal with the issues. It shows for the first time how truly complex the situation is. Away from the usual extremism surrounding marijuana it becomes clear that this is a story full of surprises and twists. For example, who would have thought that many people against legalization in California are those already growing it? California is about to make a decision. Whose side will you be on?

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Barnaby O’Connor

Matthew O’Connor

PRODUCERS: Barnaby O’Connor

Matthew O’Connor

Steve Malone

WRITERS: Barnaby O’Connor

Matthew O’Connor

CAST: Allen St. Pierre

Kevin Sabet

Paul Chabot

Robert DuPont

Justin Hartfield

Emanuel Epstein

Paul Gallegos

Valerie Corral


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