Catching Air (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

Competitive air guitar, despite its world championships and global coverage, remains widely mocked as a frivolous pursuit lacking talent. However, the reality is different. The international air guitar community comprises a tight-knit, creative group of diverse individuals, including office workers, school mascots, and musicians. “Catching Air” is a documentary that explores these competitors who express their creativity through air guitar, the purest form of rock ‘n’ roll. The film follows memorable characters through intersecting storylines, showcasing how the air guitar community supports them during both the best and toughest moments of their lives. It also follows the dreams of three veterans competing for the U.S. title in one season and tells the story of a musician’s unconventional journey to winning the Air Guitar World Championships. The filmmakers aim to inspire hidden creativity by highlighting the passion and dedication of these air guitarists.

Genre: Comedy, Documentary

Director: Jamie Hitchings

Producer: Jamie Hitchings, Ruzele Strauss, Michael D. Coffey, Eric Melin

Writer: Jamie Hitchings, Eric Melin

Cast: Matt Burns, Nicole Sevcik, Andrew Finn, Eric Melin, Luke Sevcik, Marquina Iliev-Piselli, Beth Melin, Justin Fox, Rob Nechanicky, Doug Stroock, Justin Howard