City of Dead Men(2016)

City of Dead Men(2016)

Michael, a young American tourist running away from his own demons, arrives in Medellin, Colombia, after a long journey throughout South America. He has spent all of his money and must resolve his situation soon. He meets Melody, a pretty Colombian girl who knows the city well and hooks him up with a group of young misfits led by Jacob, a mysterious young man. They live in an abandoned psychiatric hospital for children on the outskirts of the city and offer Michael their friendship and shelter – he quickly accepts. He slowly begins to sense the horror that went on in the hospital and feels the energy permeating the premises. His new friends feel immortal, testing their limits every single day, putting their lives at risk and pulling Michael into their dangerous dynamic. It may be too late for him to get out alive…

Genre: Horror

Director: Kirk Sullivan

Producer: Alejo Arango, Laura Gomez Vargas


Cast: Diego Boneta, Jackson Rathbone, Maria Mesa, Ana Maria Pérez