Comix (2014)


Beyond the Comic Book Pages is an exciting new feature film documentary about the world of comic books told through the thoughts and images of the creators, artists, writers, collectors, store owners, independent publishers, and especially the passionate fans who have made it the phenomenon that it is today.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Michael Valentine
PRODUCERS: Michael Valentine

Brian Ging

WRITERS: Jonathan Hock
CAST: Stan Lee

Frank Miller

Mark Waid

Neal Adams

Marc Silvestri

John Romita Jr.

Todd Mcfarlane

Steve Niles

Mike Richardson

Matt Hawkins

Gareb Shamus

Doug Jones

William O’Neil

Tone Rodriguez

Mike Choi

Andy Park

Amanda Conner

Christian Gossett

Joel Adams

David Glanzer

Bill Liebowitz

Paul Grimshaw


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