Corbin Nash (2018)


Searching a world of darkness for a truth he was never ready for, a rogue detective is murdered only to be reborn the ultimate
killer. Embracing his destiny, vowing vengeance on all that destroyed his family; he is Corbin Nash, Demon Hunter

GENRE: Thriller

Ben Jagger


Richard Wagner

The Jagger Brothers

Todd Matthew Grossman

Christopher P. Taylor,

Matthew Berkowitz

Justin Steele

Carmen Aiello

Orson Oblowitz

Zachary Wright

Darryll C. Scott


The Jagger Brothers

Christopher P. Taylor

CAST:  Dean S. Jagger

Corey Feldman

Richard Wagner

Fernanda Romero

Malcolm McDowell

Rutger Hauer

Bruce Davison

Chris Pardal

Patrick Brennan

Thomas Q. Jones

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