Coyote (2023)

Zimbelism (2017)

A story of forbidden love in a dystopian future where teleportation technology enables two refugees to escape genocide. When they trust the wrong back-alley teleporter, Ekaterina and Anya are separated. In a desperate attempt to be reunited, our heroines are entwined in an insidious human trafficking ring involving corrupt politicians.

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Director: Dustin Curtis Murphy

Producer: Dustin Curtis Murphy, Joshua Carrington Birch, Chris Kyriacou, Addy Raja

Writer: Dustin Curtis Murphy

Cast: Therica Wilson-Read, Borislava Stratieva, Ailish Symons, Ruhtxjiaïh Bèllènéa, Chris Kyriacou, Tian Chaudhry, Beruce Khan, Richard Glover