Cupid’s Christmas (2022)

Zimbelism (2017)

As Santa Claus searches for his lost Reindeer (Cupid) in the small town of Holly; the love story of Katie Valentine and Army veteran/firefighter Luke Murphy is re-ignited during an effort to save the historic town train depot by raising the funds necessary for its restoration and renovation. All the while, Katie’s young niece Olivia goes on a mission to prove to her family that Santa Claus is real and the reindeer seen around town really is Cupid a member of Santa’s sleigh team.

Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance

Director: D.B. Dickerson

Producer: Sam Logan Khaleghi

Writer: Cody LaRue

Cast: Marla Moore, Kevin Ridsdale, Joe Kurak, Jerry Narsh, Kendall Strong, Donnell Clayton, Caleb Silvers