DEMISE (2024)

Zimbelism (2017)

This story centers around Celine, a loving wife to Caleb. Their happy marriage is turned upside down when Celine receives devastating news that she is unable to bear children. Just as she thought things couldn’t get worse, she is hit with the news that not only is Caleb having an affair, but his mistress Fiona is pregnant with his child. When Caleb is confronted, he is remorseful and regrets his actions. Even so, now that a baby is Caleb’s priority, he chooses to leave Celine for Fiona. This abrupt ending to their marriage causes Celine to spiral down a twisted path of obsession and revenge.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller

Director: Yara Estrada Lowe

Producer: Steven Lowe, Jon Eichelberger, Jeff Olan, Erman Baradi, Yara Estrada Lowe, Anabelle Munro, Mycole Metcalf

Writer: Yara Estrada Lowe

Cast: Carlo Mendez, Liz Fenning, Crystal Hernandez, Morris Jude Martinez, Richard Rivera, Lucy Serrano, Caitlin Rose Williams, Lamar Alexander