Dennis and Lois (2020)


DENNIS AND LOIS is a documentary about two quirky New York City characters who came together over their fervent fan-hood of fringe bands in the ’70s, fell in love, and embarked on a lifelong quest, fueled by love and gratitude, to selflessly serve the creators of the music they believe keeps them alive. If you’re in a band and you see them turn up a second time to one of your shows, prepare yourself for a very long ride. They seem to have that effect. DENNIS AND LOIS will change the way you look at going out to see music forever.

GENRE: Documentary
DIRECTOR: Chris Cassidy
PRODUCERS: Bob Calabritto

Emmett James

Chris Kenneally

CAST: Dennis Anderson

Lois Kahlert

Shaun Ryder

Peter Hook

Jon Langford


Jimi Goodwin

Guy Garvey

Craig Finn


Damon Gough

Damian O’Neil

Robert ‘El Vez’ Lopez

Mark Reeder

Andy Rourke


Paul Ryder

Mark Day

Clay Cole

John Grant

Robert Been

Oliver Ackermann

The Vaccines

Fat White Family

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