Discoverdale (2017)


A fly-on-the-wall film crew follow cult Comedy Rock Band ‘Dead Cat Bounce’ on a desperate quest across Europe to reunite lead singer Jim with his long lost father, who he believes is the legendary rock singer and Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale. Crossing Ireland, England, Norway & Denmark the band follow the Whitesnake Forevermore tour across Europe. They’ve got no money and no idea what they’re doing – just blind faith that one day soon Jim will be sharing a jacuzzi in a 5 star hotel with the Dad of his dreams.

GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: George Kane
PRODUCERS: Chris Carey

James Dean

 WRITERS: Demian Fox

Shane O’Brien

James Walmsley

George Kane

CAST:  Demian Fox

Shane O’Brien

James Walmsley

Brian Tichy

David Coverdale (all playing themselves)


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