Drag Kids  (2019)

Drag Kids (2019)

Drag has always been about breaking down barriers and daring to do the unexpected. Now, a new type of queen is on the scene: she’s fierce, she’s living in a time of unprecedented access to queer culture, and she’s younger than ever before. She’s a drag kid and she’s a long way from the era of the queens who led the Stonewall Riots nearly 50 years ago. Stephan, Jason, Bracken and Nemis have never met, but they’re united by a shared passion for drag. They are about to come together for the first time – to perform Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ at the world-famous Montreal Pride Festival. As they prepare for the big show, each faces their own unique challenges, as well as challenges they have in common – deep feelings of isolation and the struggle of trying to claim a place of your own on the fringes of a fringe culture. Drag Kids is a beautiful, daring, and touching portrait of four kids chasing freedom and friendship through the art of drag.

Genre: Documentary

Director: Megan Wennberg

Producer: Edward Peill, Erin Oakes


Cast: Queen Lactatia, Bracken Gvasalia, Laddy GaGa, Suzan Bee Anthony